Trending Bridal Mehendi for 2018.

The mehendi ceremony has a deep rooted cultural significance to Indian traditional marriages. Add getting dulhan mehndi design as another task in the things to do list while getting married. That means knowing the Top Mehendi Trends for bridal & Mehendi Ceremony Ideas to get it executed for the day of ceremony. There are several latest Mehendi Designs for bridals which the brides will be spoilt for choice. Indian mehendi designs make the most traditional, classical patterns to adorn by the majority of the brides. However, the latest wedding bridal mehendi designs also includes the Best Arabic Bridal Designs these days. Listed below are some of the top trending bridal mehendi designs 2018 for the beautiful mehendi design for bridals. 

1. Adding Glitter to the mehendi art
While you shine throughout the elaborate traditional wedding outfit, adding a little shine to the oldest Indian traditions as a mark of good omen. Why not shine the good omen through? 

2. Personlised Hashtags
With Social media taking over the world, the fad of hashtags seem to be a new fad of adding details of such nature being incorporated into mehendi designs to elaborate the importance of the word for the special occasion.

3. Minimal patterns & motifs
Less is more they say and that’s what exactly this type of mehendi patterns or design try to achieve. Exuding a simple, feminine aura to it. Minimal is a thing for feet mehendi on the rise this season. 

4. Telling a story through mehendi
Incorporating elements of their romantic love stories, looks beyond cute and adorable. To look at it for days & night, reliving the moments of special moments shared together. 

5. Portrait designs
A popular choice among many, portraits are no longer just for paintings, for doodled to realistic mehendi designs has always been a classic design for centuries now.  

6. Parrot motifs
The point is that parrots are beautiful-they come in their great colourful designs and add a lot of character of motifs. Absolutely adorable, there is something distinctively quirky and Indian about parrots which makes Parrots & Indian weddings a match made in heaven.

7. Flowers, Lotus and Borders
Flowers are the best décor you can add to your mehendi ceremony. The floral mehendi designs widely use patterns of flowers like lotus, rose, simple heart petals, bud designs etc. The floral designs symbolize happiness, joy and blooming future. While the lotus design specifically mean femininity, grace, beauty and sensuality.  

8. Peacock Designs
Peacock is a symbol of grace and elegance, so it’s an important part of many Indian art designs.Peacock mehendi designs are one of the most popular in the plethora of designs available today. 

9. Grooms name or a heartful dedication to him
Sketching out the grooms name as one word or teasingly placing the letters of his name across  various section of the design for a find or search session among the couple, adds a romantic element to the purpose of the mehendi. Designs dedicating a message for the groom is also incorporated with interesting patterns these days.  

10.Caricatures & dream catchers
Cute, fun caricatures depicting the couple adds a certain charm of the relationship being  celebrated in a personalised sense. Dream catchers motifs & patterns are also a popular design opted by many brides and their friends these days.  


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