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Bachelorette party ideas to make it memorable!

Anything that involves getting your closest friends together to celebrate you is a guaranteed good time. The excitement among the girlfriends on the news of engagement often gets them all jumping in joy. Whether deciding your own bachelorette party planning or you’ve been tasked with organizing it for your best friend, planning the best amazing Bachelorette Weekend party, though fun, is a task. Planning on Bachelorette party packages this day & age is much different than the centuries old tradition of a dinner party given by the bridegroom. Today’s bachelorettes throw a wide variety of parties that involve more than just the stereotypical events and entertainment. From Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas including bachelorette party activities, exotic dance & fashion elements to prep up the occasion to booking a hotel for a bachelorette party. The most important part of any bachelorette party is that the bride-to-be has a great time and her friends have lots of fun memories, no matter what they do. Holiday with girls before being hitched, results in destination bachelorette party packages to consider. For it is her time to celebrate the last days of being single – and it should be nothing but fun. These days we have special venues just for bachelor party accommodation with the need of requiring a space for fun for the special occasion. Listed are some of the Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas for some inspiration.

1. Spa Bachelorette Party
Attend a spa at a local full-service spa that offers everything from massages and mud wraps to facials and manicures, pampering yourself with spa services along with your besties. Everyone especially the bride will appreciate the stress-buster, and you can end the day with low-key dinner and drinks at a restaurant. You’ll also look and feel refreshed and relaxed for the wedding thereafter.

2. Beach or beach House Bachelorette Party
If you do want to get away for a night or two, take off for the nearest beach and have a mellow seaside party with the girls. Be the ultimate beach bum during your bachelorette celebration by enjoying a weekend at the beach. Get everyone onboard and rent a cozy beach cottage for a weekend of lounge chairs and ocean sunsets, lounging on the sand with margaritas.

3. Bachelorette Glamping or Road Trip
If you and your girls are the adventurous type glamping is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors with some sophistication and charm, without roughing it in the woods. Drive through scenic roads with the girls to go camping in tents or glamping in a cabin in a local state park. Hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing and horseback riding are fun activity options to incorporate for the occasion.

4. Barbie Theme Bachelorette
Bachelorette parties are all about pink, pretty and plenty of fun. What better way to express fun femininity and give everyone some great ideas for costumes than a Barbie themed bachelorette.
Have everyone dress up like a Barbie (stilettos and fabulous pink skirts), using pink feather boas as party favors to add to the girlishness.

5. Bachelorette Slumber Party
For the bride-to-be who wants to have fun but doesn’t necessarily want to go bar-hopping and do something for the sake of saying farewell to single-hood. Get cozy and enjoy a night with your best girlfriends. For that extra girly celebration, complete with a nail polish station, movies and magazines. Stay up all night eating junk food, gossiping, and playing slumber party games and taking pictures of the occasion.

6. Poolside Bachelorette Party
Put on your cutest bikinis, get some fun sunglasses, and party by the pool! A pool party is ideal for a bachelorette party as girls can lounge, relax and celebrate a friend’s pending wedding. There are also many games that are adaptable to a pool setting, which will make for a memorable bachelorette party.

7. Karaoke Bachelorette party
If the bride loves to sing, its just the apt occasion to celebrate her in a karaoke style. Whether it’s at a bar, at home or in a private Karaoke booth, Karaoke is a popular Bachelorette Party activity. Serenade the bride with her favorite nostalgic songs, and incorporate some classic bachelortte party hits. Include some interesting themes for the occasion to spice up the event.

7. Sailing Bachelorette party
If looking for a unique experience for a bachelorette party, consider renting a boat with your closest friends and taking the celebration out to the water. A cruise on the open seas, whether just for the day or for an overnight, will be an experience to remember. There are several marinas that offer tours or even rentals. Just don’t forget to bring sunscreen, whether you’re sailing, cruising or yachting, a boat is the perfect place for the girls to perfect their tans and enjoy the last sail before being hitched.


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