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Bridal Makeup Ideas to look stunning on your Wedding!

Looking great is just as important as feeling great on your wedding day. You want to look like the most beautiful version of yourself and definitely want your groom to be mesmerized by his wife to be.
Every bride wants to look her stunning best with new trends in bridal makeup to stay updated and not be an overdone bridal version of themselves. When it comes to bridal makeup trends, especially for Indian bridal makeup trends it involves a lot of lot color, shimmer along with bold statements. Not to forget the bridal hair and makeup trends matching or corresponding to the theme of the wedding.

There are several bridal makeup ideas available, however all brides like to keep the knowledge of the latest bridal makeup trends to look the best for the big day. Listed here are some of the bridal makeup trends 2018 that we will witness & look forward to this year.

1. Minimalist
 Most brides seem to be going with all natural look condoning a confident bride in her natural skin tone. The natural glow of the bride highlighted by nude shades lip color to a minimal eye make-up statement. The heavy embellished wedding dress balances out this bridal look with grace.


2. Classic Indian Style
Stating royalty, grace & an Indian queen like aura. The classic Indian Style Bridal makeup always makes for stunning brides. Adorned with Bindhi, the maang tikka headpiece, gold highlights, red lips and dramatically drawn eyeliner creating a traditional classic Indian bride.

3. Glittery eyes
A celebrity inspired bridal look, glittery eye liners seem to be the latest fashion fad & the biggest trend this season. Glitter making the eyes pop instantly, creating a glamour quotient unlike any, adding a sparkle and brightness to the eye. Complementing heavy embellished Indian bridal wear and versatile enough to suit bright lip colour adorned for the special day.

4. Jewel toned make-up
This season, it’s all about the jewel-tone eye – it’s a great way to play up your pretty eyes no matter what color or shape you have. Jewel-toned eye makeup can certainly look impressive in the right light and on the right occasion. Mix it up , If you’re looking for a fun and modern way to wear jewel tones to exude a mystical aura.

5. Contrast Lip color
Color on the lips is a must for a bride. Earlier, matching the make-up to the outfit was a bridal make-up trend. However, the new generation brides are going all out and breaking the norms.
Matching the red lehenga with a red lipstick is no longer the norm. Sassy combinations like a pink lehenga with a bright orange lipstick, berry shades are in this season to stand out among the crowd.

6. Dewy Makeup
The trends are clearly moving away from heavy make-up and we’re now looking at a sophisticated, natural, fresh-faced bride. The “less is more trend” or Dewy Makeup is popular amongst many minimalist brides worldwide. Dewy glowing skin enhances the face with an elegance best suited for the brides who have day-wedding and are going to wear a lot of jewellery and heavily embroidered bridal dress.



7. Bride’s nails
There will be many people looking at the brides hand to catch a glimpse of the wedding ring. Accentuating the nails for the big day leaves an impression on many also giving the complete look many brides go to extra lengths to make the occasion extra special. There are several new techniques available these days other than the classic french manicure or just matching the nail paint color with the wedding dress or theme. Glitter, mirror, pastel nail shades ruling the scene these days, including interesting nail art.



8. Peaches & Pinks
These colors seem too be in trend with many brides opting for day ceremonies or summer shaadis.  
Peaches & pinks features the soft, feminine & subtle make-up looks, the perfect shades for the minimalist bride. With pastels ruling the color schemes with most weddings, peaches & pinks is a preferable choice for make-up accentuating the dress of choice.


9. Coloured Smokey eyes
There has always been a lot of colors choice in terms of lip colors. Red, pinks, coral, berry, mauve, scarlett, burgundy and so on. However, the trend has shifted towards eye make-up. Glamorous Smokey colored eyes, glitter and thick liners being the trend. Instead of the usual charcoal or dark grey smokey eye make-up. Experimenting with colours to make your eyes stand out is a major trend this year.

10. Dramatic eyelashes
Enhancing your eyes with fake lashes or tons of mascara adds for a dramatic yet fabulous look. Heavy lashes makes your eyes look even more beautiful in the photographs. It looks great and is one of the top Indian bridal make-up trends of the season.


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