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Planning to propose your Love? Look out for these out-of-the box ideas

With evolving times, gone are the days of traditional forms of seeking the partners parents for hand in marriage in the Indian culture. While few traditionalist still follow it out of respect for their roots, many new generation youths believe in wedding proposal ideas to sway their love of their life, to be bride or groom to start their story as a wedded couple with the best wedding proposal idea to often remember for years or share the story with others.

Marriage proposal ideas are an important trend followed by many as a matter of pride. How to propose for marriage involving romantic & creative ways seem to be the latest fad to follow, along with or than the usual going down on your knee & presenting a ring. With an era approaching towards feminism where both genders are given equal value worldwide, Women aren’t afraid to try interesting marriage proposal ideas for him to say yes to her. Whereas Men have always have had a lead in interesting marriage proposal ideas for her for a long time now.
Listed are few tips to help find the unique & interesting proposal ideas to try an incorporate for the special day.

1. Choosing a favourite place
Surely you know one another favourite’s place to visit. It could be at the beach, a restaurant, cafe or a hangout place like a farm, lake or garden. Maybe at a particular destination, over the hills or simply at home with a personal significance to the two of you. Plan it family, friends or otherwise, surprise your partner with the question in a creative way that you can sort out. Simply by presenting the ring or incorporating few romantic elements.  

2. Marriage proposal with friends & family
The current trend of including family and friends into one’s marriage proposal is becoming more and more popular. Involving both your loved ones to be a part of the proposal day is a new idea that many are embracing. Planned or surprise, this kind of proposal will always be remembered for involving all those who mattered be a part of the special day. It could be done during family dinner outings, parties or picnic too name a few.

3. Game Marriage proposal
Curiosity kills the cat they say, well maybe not kill, but building towards a marriage proposal with riddles, games, puzzles or treasure hunt at the comfort of home, holiday or anywhere without the other partner suspecting is always a moment to cherish forever. Be a scrabble game, crossword or a custom jigsaw puzzle asking to “Marry me?” to leaving clues around the home & favorite places leading to you on one knee always makes for an interesting proposal to savour.

4. Recreating the first Date or meet
Walking down memory lane and recreating or revisiting the first date or meet from the past with interesting familiar elements for a marriage proposal is one of the most caring and nostalgic proposals one can cherish for years to come.

5. A photo shoot surprise proposal
Surprise or plan a game to win a romantic couple’s photo shoot date. Choose a relevant place or interesting places to execute the marriage proposal ideas in Mumbai or the city wherever you all maybe. Get dressed up, take some fun photo props and capture the fun moments. Then surprise her or him with a ring mid session of shoot to capture the reactions in pictures. Follow it up with a romantic engagement shoot.

6. Travelling to an exotic romantic destination
When going somewhere together for a holiday, be it the mountains, hills or the beach. Maybe the usual romantic destinations such as Paris, Venice, Greece, Iceland or exotic places closer to home. Taking the opportunity to plan & execute a proposal during the trip would be an interesting way to symbolize the journey on & towards a life forward together.


7. Say it with a cake/pastry
Everyone likes cake. Bake one or get one done in flavors & styles that represent the preferences or choice of one another. Incorporating stories or elements of the relationship & presenting it to your partner personally or getting it delivered. Don’t forget to add or pop the question on the cake for the proposal. It sure would be a sweet affair to remember.

Whether you want to keep it simple or big, remember to cherish and stay true to the moment. Enjoy the things you both love and keep it unique with all the unique details of your relationship into it. Remember to create a proposal that will always be filled with a ton of history, great stories and lots of memories to always cherish it by. A great start to a beautiful journey together.

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