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Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas Every Couple Should Give A Shot!

In an era of selfies and age of instagram, where pictures play an integral part of our lives with pictures clicked everyday. It is a pre-wedding photography idea that is fast increasing in popularity as couples all over India are embracing the idea of announcing the joy of their imminent nuptials to the world at large with a photo shoot of epic proportions. Pre-wedding shoot ideas are a common aspect considered by most couples, with many enlisting several ideas for pre-wedding shoot & pre wedding shoot tips to capture interesting clicks to cherish for a lifetime.

Pre wedding photoshoot ideas are best when they portray the essence of the couple to its fullest. To get perfect images of your loving moments, explore interests in pre-wedding shoot dress costumes and props as a couple and incorporate them into the shoot for brilliant memories to be captured. Listed are 11 unique latest pre-wedding shoot ideas to try for fun times.

1. Save the Date
 Couples are now choosing to bring in some uniqueness while announcing their wedding dates. You can either get a shoot at the location where you both first met or make your pets announce the arrival or get clicked while enjoying your favorite activity. It is the best time to let out your creativity and be as quirky as you can be.


2. Incorporating a hobby or passion
Showcase your individual personalities and shared curiosities with a customized celebration  and pre-wedding shoot that’s tailored to your relationship and the things that make it special.  There’s a good chance your passions and pastimes played a role in you and your partner’s love story. It’s possible that your unique interests are what drew you two together in the first place, or maybe you two bonded over shared hobbies.


3. Comic strips
Perfect for the comic fans. Maybe create a story or scene to build a comic story or take candid shots later turned them into something that they’d cherish for a lifetime. Have interesting props, add dialog boxes to narrate, comical effects for fun and with a little bit of planning and creativity. It sure is going to keep you happy in years to come reminiscing the fun day and the story shared.


4. Forest fairy-tales
Some say that art is not complete without a little fantasy, and fantasy photography opens the doors to many creative opportunities that make fairy tales come true. There is something about the forest that is so incredibly enchanting and romantic. The depths of the trees, the shady woods, and the endless trails reminds of fairy tales. A fun way to create your very own fairy tale, there’s no better time to do so than your engagement shoot! Rustic and whimsical, try out forest themed pre-wedding shoots to create your own fairy tale.


5. Miniature couples
Miniature photoshoots are the newest trend in town. They look goofy and adorable and most importantly make your pre-wedding album super unique. This includes shrinking down the couple to miniature size portraits and offsetting that with some prop or the other which looks gigantic next to them.Vehicles, especially vintage ones seem to be a very common choice for that. However, you can work with anything.


6. Waterfalls and beaches
Create romantic and charming memories with your love for nature against waterfalls or beaches. Documenting your special moments against a natural scenery or backdrop that is worth memories for a lifetime. Unwind from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities, walk hand-in-hand, by the sandy seashore and waves or by the waterfall, add a little creativity and fun or take candid pictures.


7. Boat or yatchs
Experience the wonderful pre-wedding photo shoots on Boats or yachts as it takes you to the most romantic and beautiful spots at sea or simply on a boat at a beautiful lake or backwaters. They are romantic and make for absolutely great pre-wedding photographs with your better half to be.


8. Including Pets
Include your pets in the pre-wedding photoshoot as an integral part of your family and to add an increase with their cute quotient in the pictures. Sure, including a pet in your ceremony or reception may take a little extra work and planning, but you’ll be pleased to have included your animal pal in the long run.


9. Star filled frame
A celestial backdrop would be perfect for your pre-wedding pictures. Creating a romantic evening gazing at stars. Believing the universe conspired to bring you to your love, then you’ll love everything about the pictures with eternal galaxies swirling past like a magical metaphor.


10. Romantic rains
Many a time, the unpredictable weather provides blessings in disguise and it is up to you to recognize them as they come. There are things beyond our control and it is up to us to create something beautiful. Get yourself some cute yet passionate pictures by getting clicked in the rain. Besides, there might be a rainbow after the rain stops.


11. Heritage theme
Travel to the nearest heritage locations around your city for the shoot. It looks royal and absolutely awe-inspiring with a timeless elegance. Heritage hotels are usually the best spaces for this theme, but you could also opt for a historic location to add character to the picture- not only will it add to the beauty of your pictures, it’ll also make for the perfect Indian pre-wedding photo shoot.

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