Make your Mehendi Function come alive with these thrills

If you are seeking out ways to enliven your upcoming Mehendi function then you have landed in the right place. With selfie-props at functions becoming passé, you can take your event from dab to fab with these exciting tips and tricks:

  1. Board Games

Popular board-games like chess, Jenga, Catan or even carrom among other options, could keep those waiting their turn to put Mehendi, engrossed. The kids as well as the ladkas will be kept busy playing Uno and Ludo, and thoroughly enjoying the event. Two birds one stone, we say!

  1. Children’s Play Area

Arrange for a play-area set-up with nannies to take care of kids so that their mothers can go hands-free and enjoy the function on their own accord. Let it be known, that they won’t have to leave their children back home! We certainly see this one turning into one of the more popular wedding trends in the near future.

  1. Talent Hunt Contest

Challenge mothers, cousins, chachis, massis to let their hair down and take to the stage. Everyone must sing, dance, play an instrument or showcase a talent, with the winner taking home the talent hunt trophy and goodies. There isn’t a better way to spend time than having everyone involved!

  1. Treasure-Hunt & Other Challenges

Whether you are planning a wedding at home or outdoors, a treasure-hunt planned right never fails to delight those involved.  So plant your clues, with a fitting reward at end and make sure to divide guests in multiple teams and witness your venue come alive with laughter, fun and frolic.

  1. Live MasterClass

Invite a chef to give recipe demonstrations live at the venue, with everyone applying Mehendi being absolutely engrossed. You will certainly be successful in ensuring that everyone has their eyes away from their mobile phones!

  1. Photo Booth

Move over selfies and set up a full-fledged photo-booth at your event. You could simply get a photographer to sit at one end of the booth taking pictures, which could then be printed at the venue and handed to the respective guests, Voila! The joy of taking home an actual photo in their hands will have your guests speaking about your Mehendi for a long time to come.

You could do one or combination of these options, to have a haatke Mehendi function that will be certainly enjoyed by all your guests. Did we miss out on any quirky wedding Mehendi trends that have caught your eye in the recent past? Share with us in the comments below.

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