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New Venue On Wowvenue – “Sin City”

“Sin City” Let the Good Times Roll.

Where Every Corner is Magical. And every Turn a Surprise. Where Every dish is a Magic to your taste buds and Every cocktail entices you to the Dance floor. Where every event is Celebrated with Pompousness and every guest is Welcomed with a red carpet. Where a good times Guaranteed. A city made up of people as joyful as you, A perfect destination for any celebration and event. At Sin City, you party hard and dance till you drop. It’s a Sprawling Rooftop Restro under the open sky, beckons you with its charming diversity.

It’s a Perfect Venue for any Occasion whether it’s a romantic candle light dinner or an office party, a birthday celebration or a wild get-together with friends. An exclusive Space with ultra relaxed seating complete with its own bar, DJ console and an inbuilt stage. Master Chefs at Sin City work round the clock to ensure that each dish served on your table is fresh, bursting with flavours.

As a privilege member of this Happening City, you enjoy a host of Exclusive benefits each time you visit Sin City. It has become a favourite destination for the Mumbai glitterati. From music launches to birthday parties, from film success get-togethers to private Celebrations, this city hosts the celebrities like none other.


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