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10 Breath-taking Wedding Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Summer, Monsoons, winter and not to forget the wedding season are the seasons of India. The first three unpredictable and nothing one can do about, However, when wedding season arrive, there is so much a couple can do to make their day a remarkable one. Besides deciding on the perfect wedding dress, the wine, the cake, the caterers, how many to invite and the endless list. Once the important decision of the venue is made, wedding reception decoration ideas on a theme based wedding decor is something that all couples insist upon as per their vision and unique wedding decor ideas to make their day a huge success. Creating an ambiance that resonates an atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy, portraying a choice to set the mood of joy is carried out by getting the apt wedding decor ideas done at the event venue. Many resort to professional wedding decorators or wedding planner to create decorations for weddings that the couple envisions or experiment with for the day to look great. Listed are 10 Breathtaking Wedding Decorations ideas, classic & beautiful, creating the wow factor for a gala affair.

 1. Bollywood Style Wedding
Bollywood has been an integral part of most Indians and taking in inspiration from the style and extravagance of bollywood to incorporating its elements for the big day is often a challenge well accepted and remembered for years to come. From stage decor, invitations, cakes, photo booth and sign boards, spice up your wedding with the glitz of Bollywood and celebrate the ardent fan in you.

2. Wedding Drapes
Colorful wedding drapes are sure to make your wedding decor outstanding. Simply mix and match four or five of your favorite bright shades for a desi rainbow look. You can try the lustrous white drapes or blend them as per your décor theme – regardless of your color option, satin drapes add the ideal touch of elegance to your wedding theme. 

3. Wedding Light Strings And Flowering
The synergy of great lighting and colorful floral arrangements creates an ideal background when it comes to wedding party decorations ideas. Lighting arrangements are always special and steal the limelight. No matter what type of decor you use in your wedding, the right type of light definitely creates a sparkling look and amplifies the venue. Fairy lights, led lights and projection lights are now replacing the old style, and these are sure to make some jaws drop with its stunning look. 

4. Flower power
Flowers can instantly enhance the beauty of the mandap & venue.They appeal to all the senses and take the ambiance of the venue to a whole new level.Flower walls, especially are becoming a huge hit in Indian wedding decor now. They can be used as a reception or mandap backdrop with single colors or an assortment of multi-colors. It will give your photos a natural look and add more natural beauty to the venue. 

5. Go Solo with colours
If confused whether single colour decorations will look good or not? Then worry not and go for it. Single colour decoration will give your mandap a new and fresh look. Just make sure to use a soothing colour for the decoration instead of too bright or flashy colour else your mandap decoration will end up looking loud.

6. The wedding swing
A decorated swing on the wedding stage for the couple to sit adds warmth to the wedding event. Go for this decor element to add an antique aspect to the decor.

7.Use diyas/candles for mesmerising effect
Adding divas/candles to your wedding mandap decor is a brilliant idea. Keep in mind to not overpower in other elements like flowers or any other decorative items, else the beauty of the diyas might fade away. Do keep the lighting effect in mind. To get the perfect look, set the light in such a way that it enhances the lighting effect of the diyas.  

8. Lanterns for an old world charm
Inspired by historical Chinese festival, paper lanterns are becoming decoration trend all over the world. It might also prove a good decorative option for an Indian wedding. Lighting up your wedding venue with these lanterns all the way will bring out a tropical feeling, evoking a rustic and romantic feel with its exuberant charm. Whether as indoor or outdoor wedding decorations, hang them around around the wedding space with mellow lighting for a dreamy and dramatic appeal.  

9. Candles with candelabras
Placing the candles with an attractive set of candelabras could be the most luxurious way to decorate the dinner table or even various other noticeable areas at the wedding. Lighted candles and their flickering flame are the best way to create a magical ambiance, especially at night. This style of wedding venue decor would also give a romantic touch.

10. Hanging Crystals
A backdrop of drapery combined with dazzling hanging gems or chandeliers can create a romantic and filmy setting for your wedding day. While the shiny gems add more elegance to the setting, the drapes can be of any color to best match your theme. 

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