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19 Ways to make your Mehendi Ceremonies unforgettable

As a lot of emphasis is given on customs and rituals in Indian weddings. The same is reflected in the Mehendi occasion before marriage. The significance of a Mehendi ceremony is a customary event where the wedding isn’t considered complete till the groom finds his initials hidden in the latest bridal mehendi designs embedded on the bride’s limbs. Its one of the pre-wedding ceremonies, forming the most important and compulsory functions across all Indian weddings. While the bride to be adorns her hands and feet with beautiful designs by the hired henna artist, friends, relatives and family members makes the most of the occasion with fun & creative mehendi party Ideas.

Considered a shagun (sign of good luck), Mehendi represents the bond of matrimony, signifying the love and affection between the couple and their families. Different families have different customs during the ceremony. However, it usually are a colorful, lively and a musical affair with plenty of bright decorations for Mehendi ceremony. Mostly a very relaxed event with much revelry in the air, everyone are dressed for the occasion with a whole lot of fun activities to enjoy. We at WoWvenue have some tips and ways to make your mehendi ceremony a success that makes you and the guests happy.

1. Nail Art
Being a women centered function, Nail Art for Mehendi ceremony seems like a fun activity that all women can indulge in which is the latest trend of the occasion. An amazing practice of painting, decorating designs on fingernails that can be adorned for the special occasion. It sure a fun way for the women to enjoy their time, pitch in ideas and help each other to get their nails done and flaunt in when done.

2. Fashion show
With lot of family members and friends attending the occasion. Have a a fashion show where all will be styled in different styles and patterns. Play some fun music and give everyone an opportunity to feel like a diva or model to walk the ramp. Conduct voting from the audience to announce the best dressed for the day.

3. Pani Puri Eating competition
Get set for all the fun by setting by a panipuri competition. Enjoy the vibe for everyone would love to try their hand at- from the youngest to the oldest.

4. Karaoke session or Antakshari
Helping kick off the festivities, karaoke is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all. Arrange for a giant display screen for the lyrics to show up as people sing popular hits or have groups of people as teams dueling at the popular hindi songs as an interactive entertainment.

5. Special award show
Have a fun award show to bestow family members & friends with witty and quirky titles such as Miss Drama queen, Mr dancing shoes, Mr & Mrs Know it all, and so forth to have interesting winners others than the bride and groom.

6. Kite Flying
A popular and favourite activity when organizing the mehendi ceremony outdoors. Kite Flying is something the intrigues all guests to try their hand at it. Pairing as couples and participating makes for a great activity for all to try.

7. Quiz or rapid fire
Engage all the guests with a fun quiz or a rapid fire round. Have different groups and ask them questions pertaining to the couple getting married and family, about the wedding and other interesting aspects as an opportunity to know each other so they can bond well.

8. Dancing
Mehendi is incomplete without the hilarious dance performances by family and friends. A dance performance by groom and brides family as a contest is a great way to great way to get everyone on their feet and enjoy the good times.

9. Treasure Hunt
Plan out a treasure hunt to engross the guests in finding the big cheese of the occasion which is obviously the bride and groom or leaving clues to a big or small surprises. Even though most of us have played scavenger hunt as kids, playing it as adults make it even more fun. 

10. Classic Tambola or Housie
A game enjoyed by all where all can participate. Hoping to win a few bucks or gifts assigned to the different level attained.

11. Carrom Board
A usual favourite for many. Get groups of teams set up for the game and watch how everyone just enjoys the leisure game for hours with a lot of joy involved.

12. Sack Race
A fun, entertaining activity that builds up the excitement and brings the child in all participating. Making it a jolly good time for all playing and those witnessing it. Have individual or team competitions to further liven up the occasion.

13. Caricature Artist
Add an unconventional twist to the usual Mehndi ceremony by hiring a caricature artist. This would keep guests entertained and also keep a souvenir of the occasion that they would cherish for years to come.

14. Hire entertainers
To add more fun entertainment at the mehendi ceremony, hire professional entertainers such as dancers, magicians or a comedian to keep the guests enjoy the show.

15. Tug of War
Again with the concept of bride & groom side. Have a fun tug of war among family members and friends with interesting ways to prove which family has the strongest family members to kickstart the fun.

16. Limbo
Another perfect way to get the soiree started. As a dance game its a perfect to get people’s flexibilty , fun and laughter going where the participant keep lowering with every song played to bend as much as they can to get under a rope or pole at an unusual height.

17. Flash mob
Either have the bride and groom initiate breaking into a dance routine with their team of friends and family members surprising the guests or have them surprised by family or friends. Include easy dancing steps to get the guests also be part of the fun. 

18. Photo Booth
A standard choice by trend, Photo booths are quirky yet interesting choice to add the glam and fun factor to the occasion. From elaborate ones to DIY ones, photo booths really do tap into the vanity of the generation couples.

19. Palmist or Tarot card readers
Have a certain section at the occasion by facilitating the guests with some tarot card readers, palm readers etc. The guests are sure to try their luck at fate and would be lured by such activities as everyone being there to bless the couple with a golden and prosperous future, wouldn’t mind trying to know what’s in store for them too.

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