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Best honeymoon destinations in 2018.

For most newlyweds, venturing on their Romantic Honeymoon Destinations is the trip of a lifetime. The first post-wedding getaways are always epic. It allows you time to enjoy each other with all the planning and stress behind you. It sets the tone for the adventures you’ll have in your future, and it provides memories that will last your lifetime. Whether you’re a beach or mountain person, there are incredible places near and far that will indulge your personal idea of romance as the Best Honeymoon Destinations to luxury honeymoon destinations. Listed are some of the places to consider as honeymoon destinations 2018 if getting hitched anytime soon. 

1. Bali, Indonesia
Honeymoon in Bali is pure magic. The Indonesian island—the only one in the huge country that’s Hindu—is a perfect place for passion. With a bit more of an exotic feel than the tropical islands closer to the US, Bali doesn’t only offer unspoiled beaches, surfing, smorkeling and massages, it’s full of culture, art, music, rice terraces and many temples. Nature is celebrated here, and it’s one of the amazing honeymoon destinations where many have enjoyed. 


2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Escape with your soulmate at one of the most expensive islands in the world. Popular and the most elite amongst the others in French polynesia. Bora Bora is a paradise in itself which is renowned worldwide for its rich coral reef, crystal clear blue waters, and luxury overwater villas which alone are worth spending your honeymoon vacation at.


3. Kerala, India
Considered to be one of the most exotic honeymoon beach destinations in India, Kerala is class apart in its offerings. From finest beaches, and bustling backwaters, to a long stretch of palm-lined shoreline, goodness of ayurveda, and its romantic houseboats, Kerala is one of the top Honeymoon Place In India that offers tranquil experiences which cannot be felt anywhere else in the world.


4. Paris, France
Paris is the City of Lights, and well known as the City of Love. Enjoy a great romantic walk hand-in-hand, at the French capital, which offers culture, architecture and art alongside, along with incredible food and wine. Without doubt, Eiffel tower is the first place a couple thinks of when in Paris. 


5. Santorini, Greece
Known for its brilliant sunsets, rich Greek food and romantic hotels, Santorini is almost tailor-made for those who have just said “I do.”Favored by Gods and humans alike, Santorini in Greece is the ultimate honeymoon destination in the world. Unmatched in natural splendor, the island overlooks the turquoise Aegean Sea. A holiday in Santorini with your partner will be one of the fondest memories of your life.


6. Harbour Islands, Bahamas
Renowned for its one of a kind pink sand beaches, nothing surpasses the elegance and romantic aura of the Harbour Island. The most stunning honeymoon destination ever, Harbour Island is home to anexotic marine life like that of the turtles and stingrays. Enjoy an offside location towards the northeast of Eleuthera Islands coast, Harbour Island’s seclusion is what makes a honeymoon so spectacular. A must visit this place once in a lifetime, so why not at one of Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations in the world.


7. Las Vegas, Nevada
One of the greatest honeymoon destinations so far, your honeymoon in Vegas is sure to be a hit. This party destinations is full of romantic places that come alive in night. Do try your luck at the casino and do not miss out on getting a taste of the multiple cultures of worldwide destinations at one single place. Go to Vegas for experiences but stay for romance and memories.


8. Seychelles, Africa
No place on the face of the earth matches the surreal beauty of Seychelles which is the most perfect and exotic destination to celebrate your honeymoon at its best. There, alongside the requisite coral reefs, extraordinary beaches and nature reserves, lives rare wildlife like giant tortoises. An archipelago comprising of 115 islands, the charming landscapes, gorgeous white sand beaches, and soothing blue seas of Seychelles, provide endless opportunities for your perfect romance. 


9. Kauai, Hawaii
Much famed as the Garden Isle, Kauai is one of the oldest and the most stunning islands of Hawaiian archipelago. Majorly covered with tropical rainforests that are surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, Kauai passes for one of the best islands, as well as an exotic tropical honeymoon destinations in the world. Don’t miss out on hiking the Kalalau Trail for witnessing some of the most exotic views.


10. Marrakech, Morocco

For those who like the idea of a desert adventurous honeymoon, Marrakech works like magic for them as one of the best honeymoon spots or places. Surrounded by mountains on one side and the Sahara desert on another, the former imperial city of Marrakech is indeed one of the top honeymoon destinations which is encircled by magnificent mosques, astounding palaces, and lush green gardens.

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