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Wow Venue Guide To Pre-Wedding Shoot

While couples engaged to tie the knot are busy planning their dream wedding, the growing trend of a pre-wedding shoot is definitely a ‘must’ on most couple’s check-list. Earlier a concept of engagement shoot has evolved over time as creative ideas for a pre-wedding photoshoot.. In a era where good photos determine the social image, couples decide to have the best of professional pre -wedding photographers who can capture their bond that flatter the pictures in the best way possible. From various wedding photography tips, pre wedding shoot locations to pre-wedding shoot poses, couples hope for the best romantic pictures that can be cherished throughout their married lifetime.

An important aspect of the wedding for the couples, pre-wedding shoots being not only fun is also a great way to spend time with each other and know your partner in a much better way during the entire exercise of shooting and filming. However, it might seem slightly out of place for those who are not exposed to photoshoots. There are endless things required to prepare, from the outfit, styling, lighting, poses, theme & concept to much more. We at WoWvenue understand that it can get very tedious and challenging, therefore we have compiled a list of tips for pre-wedding photoshoot to help calm the nerves and be ready for the most memorable photoshoot of a lifetime.

1. Finding the right Photographers
A really crucial decision before finalizing the photo shoot is to find and book a photographer who can showcase the couple’s personality. Keep a lookout for the photographers portfolio and recommendations to understand the kind of photography style. Consider or hire only if the couple are in agreement and can visualize themselves in the photographer’s existing body of work. Keep in mind the budget and range the photographers charge so as to work out the deal efficiently. Also, ensure that the photographer of choice is available on the dates required, especially during the peak season if their work are in demand.

2. Concept & Theme
Have an interesting concept or theme that best portrays the personality of the couple. While some couples may avoid the extra work and go whatever is trending, the photos would look like just all regular engagement photos. This day and age where creativity leaves an impression. Choosing a concept or theme that would create a unique personality of the couple always leaves a strong impression.

3. Outfit or costumes
Using the right costume can give more interesting results on a photograph. If following a particular theme, dress up according to the part to leave an impact on the pictures. Dressing up or adorning costumes is definitely one of the elements that adds to the essence of the photo shoot. However, if feeling uncomfortable or overdressed, it will be visible in the images. Therefore, get on the best outfits that feels best in or change if required for different looks too.

4. Location
Be it indoors or outdoors, the location can make you look larger than life. Find some place meaningful on a personal note that is important to you as a couple or narrow down some equally beautiful backdrop that would be perfect for the occasion. The unusual and beautiful the better, however, it is better to choose a location adapted to the agreed concept. if considering going overseas for a photoshoot, be sure to plan and book early.

5. Styling & Make up
Ensure that you do look photo-shoot ready being properly groomed for the part. In order to look for attractive and appealing, make can be used to reinforce certain concepts. If going casual, having a sudden change with the hair color, style or facial hair grooming can go great or not. To look like self or someone else for a day would go a long way that will remembered for a lifetime. More than anything what works best is your own style. Talk to the photographer what you have in mind to give the best possible results of how you see each other as a couple and would want your portrait to be.

6. Timing
Another important aspect to keep in mind is the time when the photo shoot can be held at to create unique pre-wedding photos according to the lighting available from sunrise to sunset. The golden hours for outdoor photography being 6 to 9 in the morning and just 1 hour before sunset, it crucial to set the times accordingly to get the soft natural light captured in the images.

7. Props
Incorporate some fun props based on a theme or simply for fun to add more vibrancy to the images. From bubbles, confetti to balloons & others. Props are a trend of the pre-wedding and wedding shoots to add an element of fun to the pictures taken.

8. Candid or Posed
Some photographers are great with traditional poses and some are great with capturing the fun side. Listen to the guidance and suggestions during the shoot by the photographer to help with poses and how the hands & feet are t placed. Stop worrying about the better side or the better angle as every photographer has a slightly different approach when it comes to posing. Let the moments roll and the photographer can also great candid pictures of the moments than always looking at the camera.

9. Sleeping well before the shoot
Be sure to get a restful sleep the night before. Another aspect not to be ignored and get to bed early to have enough of sleep the night before the pre-wedding shoot. Not sleeping well can be captured in the pictures when the eyes look puffy and the skin looking tired and dull even with make-up on.

10. Have Fun
Let the photographer take control, while you let go & trust his creativity. Instead of worrying how you would look in the pictures, focus on having fun with each other during the shoot. The pictures will naturally portray the best of the couple using their energy to show how much fun they are together which will result in the pictures.

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