10 things to consider before choosing the perfect venue

Decisions, decisions & more decisions always exists when planning an any form of events. One of the most important ones is picking the best event venue, that will have the largest impact on the event. Be it for the best venue for a birthday party, a corporate party venue or the best venue for a wedding, finding the right venue for the event can take up quite a hassle involving much more than simply selecting the first available space. Getting hitched in India is not just a day long event, but rather a long week time or more of ceremonies, functions & rituals to host.

A wedding venue in Mumbai sets the scene; dictating many choices related to the event; and influences the experiences of the guests, probably more than any other factor. A wedding venue near me and an affordable wedding venue approach is no longer viable for there are a number of different factors to consider and careful research involved before selecting the perfect destination to make the event a grand success. Having a strong understanding of some guidelines to consider when choosing the right event venue definitely helps ease the process of planning the event. Listed are 10 important factors to consider when in search for the perfect venue.

1. Location and its availability
Some place always considered of or wished upon for the big day? Maybe cause of its reputation, convenience, experience, expertise or recommendation. Maybe considering for new options, its one of the most & foremost important factor to ensure before any other decisions. Checking the availability or adapting to the days available for the occasion is one of the utmost important decision to consider.

2. Capacity
It’s a happy occasion to invite as many as you like to celebrate the event. Small or a big gathering, estimating the guest list is essential when planning your wedding and reception. Assuring a minimum number helps to keep in mind the comfortable space for the guests than a crowded one. Also ensure space for any other activities that may be involved.

3. Budget
Hosting a dream wedding or function within a budget is no easy task. Doing your homework & being aware of rates definitely helps cut down unnecessary elements and factors. Cost is often the main factor people use when considering or ruling out venues and budgeting can assist you in choosing a fabulous venue with great service.

4. Venue policies
A very important consideration to look into major & minor details before finalizing & signing any terms and conditions the venue may have. Such as Hours of operation, restrictions on meals served, noise restrictions, other extra, advance or additional charges for services or cancellation. Any external vendors for decorations, food & entertainment allowed or not.

5. Accessibility
 Getting all guests to the location of the event without any hassles contributes the event being a                          success than an event with attendance being suffered due to inaccessibility. Also keep in mind about ramps, elevators and other amenities for those guests with physical disabilities as well as older guests who aren’t as mobile.

6. Ambiance & decor
Be it Indoor or outdoor events, creating the right ambiance of the occasion needs to be in par with the venue selected to ensure a successful event as wished for. Keep in mind the architecture, space offered, either with an abundance of natural landscape or not and what the venue conveys, in terms of its decor with a vision of what you want to portray for the day.

7. Services & amenities
In addition to the appearance of the venue, it is also important to take into consideration the services and amenities that the venue offers. Essentials such as seating arrangements, cutlery, vuisines served, whether a vendor & kitchen available or not. If available, is it a full course meal or buffet. Type of cutlery, linens also making a difference in deciding to go with a theme of the wedding. Does the venue have alcohol license to serve for any occasion and is there backup facilities available when needed?

8. Equipment
While decor helps with the visual delight of the occasion. The Sound or music that plays throughout the venue adds an audible charm to the event. Although, acoustics aren’t the be-all and end-all of your event, there are things you can do to improve the vibe of the occasion. Add to that, good lighting elements that further enhances the celebration. Quality Visual or audio equipment, electrical supplies, lighting are another important aspects to consider when looking for a venue.

9. Parking
The dilemma of most guests visiting any occasion would be the adequate parking facility availability. On-site or nearby parking options for your guests are important to consider. Providing a way for guests to share a ride with each other is also a good option & chance for them to interact with each other.

10. Reputation & Vendor restrictions
Doing your homework & research goes a long way to ensure that the right decision has been made when selecting & confirming the venue for the special event or occasion. Asking around regarding the experiences rendered, reviews or assessments sure does help learning about the venue’s reputation and track record. While some venues have a list of exclusive vendors that they will allow to perform work in their venue, some may not. Enquire regarding the same to amicably work alongside them.

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