10 tips to select a ‘Wow’ venue for occasion

A really special occasion to be celebrated at a certain time & place would require the best and apt venue for special occasions, nothing short of special. While there are several types of venue for parties, weddings, conference or meetings, most people prefer the Banquet Hall Near Me concept that caters to any kind of events. Having to decide while at wedding venue selection is a task in itself, especially when looking for wedding venues in Mumbai. Spoilt for choices among the many in the business, its always best not to haste, compromise and make the final decision just due to the convenience.

There are many factors that one needs to consider while scouting around to find the perfect venue for hire in Mumbai. In terms of the location, type of surroundings, the capacity, whether it be the right choice as a destination wedding venue and many more. Besides being aware of the amenities, facilities and kinds of services it provides, it’s important to pay special attention to the event venue because the rest of the planning will closely relate to the venue. As the venue has the power to define the success of the event, we at WoWvenue have listed 10 tips to select the right venue for the occasion.

1. Cost and Budget
A crucial point to consider when planning the event. It pays attention to ensure that a certain budget is flexible or not for other requirements such as food, decorations or entertainment. While planning, keep a strong hold on your budget, as well as the rental fee, what is included in the price to refund policy. If any deposit required and if there are any window of opportunity to negotiate with venues for better deals.

2. Capacity and Accessibility
Depending on the number of guests invited or expected to attend, ensure there is enough room space for everyone to fit in comfortably. Besides that its important to choose a venue that would be reasonable within a convenient location keeping in mind the easy accessibility. Also look into the consideration for special need guests who may require certain amenities to access the venue.

3. Location
A venue in a convenient location makes all the difference for the success of any event. From options of options available, banquet halls to resorts, farmhouses or a backyard, all events could be arranged at a perfect location making a difference between a large turnout or not. If there are many attendees traveling from out of town, always consider the benefit of a venue nearby the airport or hotels.

4. Services and Amenities
Aside from how the venue looks, consider what the venue offers. Check the venue for all its amenities along with its catering services if any. From chairs, tables, restrooms, A/V equipment, security, parking facilities, driving and traffic considerations, dancing and bar privileges. These are to be checked when picking the venue for the event.

5. Atmosphere and ambiance
Keep a close eye to details of the venue, of how it looks overall in style. Pay special attention to the architecture, decor, interiors, space and surroundings. Whether you’re planning a social event or a corporate meeting, the venue has the power to define the experience the guests can have. The less the ambiance matches the desired feeling of the event, the more manipulations of the space with decorations should do the work. 

6. Parking and Layout
Have a look at the floor space and decide the type of seating style that would be possible to arrange. Check whether the event could be hosted within a single room or can be shared with another space around. Make a note of the outlets, seating, eating to equipment arrangement that can be convenient  according to the type of events and number of guests. Also keep in mind if there is enough parking space with or without a valet parking, sorting out a huge dilemma for the guests attending the event. Have an alternative parking space arranged if the venue has less or no space.

7. Vendors and restrictions
Some venues have a list of preferred vendors that they work with. Working with these vendors can be great because they know the space and have worked there before. However, if the venue don’t have any associations, they would still be a good resource for referrals with local vendors who may have hosted there before. Also,check with any restrictions that a venue might have in terms of time limit, alcohol, non-vegetarian, smoking and others. Work out some form of arrangement with the in house manager if required to revoke any restrictions to work with. 

8. Light and Acoustics
Good lighting is an incredibly important element in achieving the perfect look and feel for the occasion.Similarly a good sound system is equally essential to play any video &music without any glitches, as well as to make any presentations or announcements. These two elements adding a whole lot to the event.

9. Insurance and venue policies
There are several venues that require a certain amount of liability as additional insurance for the event. Helping protect the investment in a specific event, covering the costs if unexpectedly the need to cancel the event or if found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during the event. It is also advisable to have a look at the company policies.

10. Take note on food and beverage
While choosing a venue, make sure that the location has in-house catering service that serves delicious food. If there isn’t such a facility, then contact the outdoor vendors for the occasion.  

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