8 decor ideas for any occasion

Indian weddings are a grand affair with multiple rituals & tasks to look into. Decor ideas being one important responsibility of planning and executing it throughout. It reflects the vision or highlight the future of the married individuals. A lot of thought and consideration goes into it to set the perfect set of wedding decorations in place for the special day. However, decorations are no longer an important aspect just for weddings, it is for all occasions, such as Birthday Party Decorations, Anniversary Party Decorations and of course, the wedding reception decorations. It is one element of the occasion to complete the celebrations, functions or events in a joyous way.

Listed are 8 points to consider when it comes to decoration elements based on the theme for the occasion or function. For all occasions, including, anniversary decor Ideas.

1. Invitation cards
Invitation cards, although not technically part of the decoration, is a very important aspect for the arriving party to consider. It sets the tone of the occasion, right from the start, announcing the overall theme and style of function or event. Sort of like a sneak peak. Depending on the taste, it may be simple, elegant or elaborate to colorful. The first glance of the invitation personifying the creativity of the couple or people inviting for the occasion.

2. Color scheme

It is becoming more and more important to set a central color scheme in the event of any occasion or celebration. Each color with special significance and all the decoration centered on that particular color or colors. From birthday decorations ideas to wedding table decorations everything is a reflection of the chosen color scheme. This gives the event a well-planned and chic feel that is becoming widely accepted in today’s market.

3. Drapes

Drapes and canopies give any event venue that special spruced up, ready-for-the- occasion look. Match the draperies, If there is a specific color scheme in place. Interspersed with twinkling lights and colorful flowers, draperies add character to the venue. From the walls to the staircase banister, a touch of color-coordinated fabric mixed with flowers and lights, lifts up the guests’ mood instantly.

4. Flowers

Flowers are perhaps the most important decoration aspect for all occasions, especially for a wedding day. Be it just plain old favorite marigold strings or some exotic imports like orchids and lilies, flowers never fail to lift up the spirits on the special day. Weddings and India have now evolved and so has the floral décor. Flowers rule most celebrations, when it comes to a simple birthday, cocktail gathering or anniversary party ideas and other occasions.

5. Lights

Lighting is an important aspect of all venue decoration. It can make small spaces look bigger and opulent. Depending on the type of ambience one wishes to create at the venue, the lighting design and type changes. Chandeliers always add a touch of grandeur to wedding venues, washes of colored lights may be used if one is following a particular color scheme to accentuate the theme or rows and rows of light strings may be hung to form a twinkling backdrop. Use of candles on the dinner tables adds a touch of romance while use of diyas gives the whole ambience a traditional feel.

6. The Stage/ Mandap/ Photo booth

The stage forms the centerpiece of the entire venue. A special place for the bride & groom where the guests meet to bless them. The fact that this will be the most photographed area of the entire venue must be kept in mind while choosing the stage décor.

The mandap is where the actual wedding takes place including the Varmala and the feras. Be it square or round, it has to have proper seating arrangement for the bride, groom, pandit and generally the bride’s parents. It is also customary to have the mandap covered on top with generally four pillars supporting the overhead canopy. One can use fabrics like chiffon, silk or satin. Or one can use a net made of garlands of marigold, jasmine, tuberose or other exotic flowers. The photo booth is a creative way to capture moments of guests having a good time during the occasion. Interesting & grand theme photo booth seems to be the trend of late.

7. Car set up

Indian weddings generally involve a lot of drama and one of such is the arrival of the groom. Customary in most culture that the groom arrives on horseback, he does so for generally the last few yards. He is brought to the wedding venue in a specially decorated car sent by the bride’s parents these days. Minimally decorated or following a theme, flowers, ribbons & fabric are often used for the same.


8. Party favours

Attending a party or celebration & showing the gratitude of your guests presence by handing out party favours seemed to have evolved with modern day party favors being way more creative than your standard box of sweets. Scented candles, potpourri and even aromatic oil are quite in vogue.

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