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8 Fancy Centerpiece Ideas to Wow Your Guests at the Reception

Known for lavishness, opulence and flamboyance is what Indian weddings are. Decoration ideas for reception including a variety of elements. From fancy entrances, fancy stages and mandaps which are significant part of Hindu wedding decorations. The decorating ideas for reception area are often outdone with passing times and generations. When considering decoration ideas for reception hall, many factors are thought of in order to execute the theme decoration as per the occasion. For example seating arrangements that includes table dining seating options. For which reception tables decorating ideas are a new addition of decor as centerpiece making a style statement of the theme of the wedding.

Listed are 8 beautiful centerpiece ideas for a wedding reception that are an elegant addition to the decorating ideas at the reception hall.

1. Floral Centerpieces
 Flowers are an important part of Indian wedding decoration ideas, bringing vibrancy and life to an the event. Flower centerpieces are the easiest way to add elegance and romance to your reception tables. Arrangement of different flowers in different colors and shapes when coordinated, looks amazing as a centerpiece. Use seasonal flowers, orchids & ferns set in a certain form & style as interesting centerpieces. To incorporate subtle floral details into your wedding table decoration, leave single roses or small sprigs of flowers and greenery on each place setting.


2. Quirky Centerpieces
From truck centerpiece with marigold flowers to bright pink kettle centerpiece with marigold and white flowers quirky centerpieces add color, brightness and lively feeling to the entire wedding decor.It is mostly coordinated with the theme of the wedding. A lot of things like buckets, teapots, kettles, colorful paper wheels, pompoms, pinwheels etc can be used for a quirky look. Quirky centerpieces give unique and funky look to your wedding decoration.


3. Floating candles and flowers centerpiece
Easy and stunning, set your favorite flowers adrift alongside floating candles for a gorgeous but understated wedding centerpiece. This project can be sized for any budget, with small dessert bowls making as sweet a statement as large serving bowls. Use aroma oils along with it to fill up the room or space with a fragrance of sweetness that will add up to the essence of the centerpiece.   

4. Bird cages or Baskets
A gorgeous vintage wedding idea is to use ornate bird cages as wedding table decorations. Fill them with flowers or candles and place around the tables, or use large birdcages as wedding. If wedding favors are planned then it can be creatively displayed in wicker baskets for guests to rummage through the wedding favors. Again decorate the baskets with ribbons, flowers or paper crafts according to the wedding theme color to make it appealing for display & interesting for guests seated on the table.

5. Candles
Candles give both the vintage and romantic touches to a wedding. All you need to do it is place them rightly and creatively on the tables as centerpieces. There is no limit to using the candles, but make sure that it doesn’t get too much. Use tea lights or candle stands and leave an everlasting impression on your guests with this pocket-friendly decor. To set an incredibly romantic tone to your venue, candelabras are perfect for this and make elegant wedding centerpieces. Choose tall ones for a dramatic effect or go for small silver one which will decorate your wedding reception in style.

6. DIY centerpiece
DIY centerpieces are budget friendly and require a lot of creativity. A centerpiece made of tree branch with birds and bird’s nests on it along with mason jars full of red and white flowers depicting nature makes for a cute centerpiece. Twigs, branches, shells, wine glasses, mason jars etc all can be used to make centerpieces. Jars of marshmallows, retro sweets and tempting sweet trees make tasty wedding table decorations if you’ve got guests with a sweet tooth. Not only do they make pretty table centerpieces, guests can also nibble on them for dessert.

7. Personalised centerpiece
Putting photo frames of your best memories on the reception tables are a great way to help break the ice for your guests. Picture frames or stationery filled with images of the couple on the table with a story narration of how they met and personal details to keep the guests in loop of your love story or stories & memories you would like to share on your special day.

8. Edible chocolate & fruit centerpiece
Edible centerpieces are becoming increasingly popular and are a super cute way to decorate your table, too. More and more brides like fruity centerpieces as they are fresh, unconventional and relatively inexpensive compared to floral centerpieces. Chocolate- coated stawberries, caramel apples, jar full of lemons and limes or a bowl of oranges are some ideas of fruit centerpieces to try for healthier alternative . Then there are cookies on stick, brownie bites, cupcakes, lollipops, candy, cookies, rice crispy treats, cake pops for sweet delights.

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