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8 unique ideas to decorate your wedding lawn

An outdoor wedding ceremony and reception is a wish among many couples for their special day to be celebrated out in the open. Be it at a beach, garden, amidst the hills, by a lake and many other options, there is something so effortlessly romantic about an outdoor wedding. When it comes to wedding decorations, the natural elements serve as a natural decor. Yet there are many decor ideas for outdoor spaces to further enhance the wedding decoration ideas for that magical touch. Get in touch with the best of many decorators and planners in Mumbai to ensure great decor ideas for a lawn or any kind of outdoor wedding.
Whether you’re going for elegant outdoor nuptials or a cool casual bash with close family and friends, there are countless ways to transform Indian wedding lawn decoration into a magical outdoor retreat to host the wedding. Several luxury wedding venues in Mumbai offer the best of outdoor lawns and gardens to host all and any grand occasions of choice. While marriage halls In Mumbai is a popular choice among many, there is a rise in more people looking for outer spaces to host the special occasion. When it comes to decorating the wedding lawns there are many ideas that can be Incorporated and we at Wow Venue have compiled the best of 8 ways for decorating wedding lawns for the once in a lifetime occasion.

1. The perfect ceremony backdrop
It’s a good idea when getting married outdoors to create a focal point for the ritual vow exchange to help ground the space. In the case of Indian weddings, the mandap would be the prime place. Therefore experiment with different styles, it could be anything to set the scene by adding a personal touch. Flowers, drapes, idols, and pillars are the most used elements of the mandap decor. Add in chandeliers or special lighting for a striking feel.

2. A welcome sign
Make a big first impression for the guests of the special day making them feel welcome with a creative & innovative sign situated at the entrance to your ceremony. The welcome sign should offer a taste of what the guests can expect from the big-day, maybe if a theme is indicated. From chalkboard to wooden posts, these real wedding props are cute, customized elements that majorly up the wow factor at a ceremony or reception. 

3. Royal Backdrops
Once the ritual ceremonies are over, the mandap can be transformed or another area can be used to receive the guests during the reception hours. Being the backbone of any wedding decorations, backdrops lays a huge emphasis of the prefect romantic atmosphere for all weddings. Create outstanding palatial backdrop sure to stand out. With the use of different elements, the backdrop can be royally arranged setting a grand look along with the bride and groom holding the two most important seats at the reception.

4. Floral Magic
An integral part of the wedding decor, flowers can be sued in various creatives ways to adorn the occasion. Providing a surreal charm flowers can do wonders to beautify the wedding venue. If holding the wedding outdoors in a garden , use the blooming flowers to the advantage as a natural decor. Have a floral backdrop, hang them from above, arrange them as centerpieces or use them the way that would be best suit the theme in interesting concepts. 



5. Lighting Style
Almost magical, nothing transforms a space quite like the right lighting. The lighting in an outdoor wedding can not only form a functional aspect to the day but create a beautiful form of decoration. Uplifting the mood, bringing a whole new aura to the venue with striking colors and sparkling charm.
Add a sophisticated touch to the wedding venue by decorating with fairy lights, led lights, lanterns, chandeliers as well as candles that creates a whole new ambiance that is sure to be a treat to the eyes.

6. Colorful drapes
To add some serious “wow” factor to the reception, try the gorgeous draping. Creating a stunning environment with vivid drapes and curtains. Choose solo colours or contrasting mix and match colors to create splendid looks with interesting fabric to make the setting feel more luxe and upscale, yet intimate and cozy at the same time.

7. Seating arrangements
Another aspect for decorating the wedding venue would be the seating arrangements. Whether its in theatre style, round table, amphitheater, lounge or divan style seating, have interesting elements of decorations to appeal to the guests seated around the venue. From table centerpieces, drapes, flowers and many others, the chairs can also be decorated in creative ways that adds a certain charm to the whole set-up. Account for the number of guests and make sure that all the guests can see the action during the exchange of vows.


8. Photo booth
Not a new concept, but surely one of the favourite among the guests attending the occasion. Outdoor weddings serves as the perfect venue to take wonderful pictures against a fun decorative backdrop, as well as the natural light during the day adding to the advantage of great pictures. As a memoir of the occasion, everyone would have a great time taking pictures in a decorative photo booth of a certain theme with interesting props. Venture beyond the traditional banner and garland backdrop with new updated trends or add a personal touch to the booth that would always be remembered for a lifetime. 

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