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How to smartly save money on your wedding?

Weddings are expensive and always have been. With evolving times, weddings are more expensive than ever. Its a one in a lifetime celebration that takes for a costly affair, more so if looking at a ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’.

Weddings reflect the individual personalities and priorities of the couple getting married. There is no requirement as such to spend tons of money on a wedding when the most important thing is to make it personal. There are plenty of affordable wedding ideas couples are opting these days in order to find ways to save money on wedding reception or better yet the best ways to save money on a wedding in general.

Listed are 10 smart ways how to plan your wedding, budget venues, tips and ideas to save money on your wedding.

1. Prioritize
 Decide what’s most important, making a priority list of all things that you really want for your
 wedding. When it comes to financing a wedding, you should figure out how much you need to
 spend to get what you want in ways to save money on your wedding day. Set your expectations
 accordingly and skip out few elements or rituals which you deem unnecessary for the occasion.
 For example arrive at your wedding venue in your own car, rather than hiring a horse.

2. Compare
A number of optional elements and choices – from the type of meal served to whether the location charges a venue fee – determine your final cost. Compare all requirements with various vendors
available to avail the best deals within the target of the priority & budget set out for. Before you finalize any wedding venue or organizer, make sure you compare the rates for the best deals.

3. Package deals
Planning your wedding at an all-inclusive venue can eliminate the stress out of your big day. With many options offered in the package which otherwise would cost a fortune. This helps cut down costs by a huge margin in which the wedding, reception and even the honeymoon are all included in the deal. Offering services in terms of an entire package at a good discounted rate for ways to save money on wedding venues and more.

4. Limit guest list
Keeping the guest list as concise as possible will drastically reduce reception costs. Decide early on who will be invited and where you’ll draw the line. The smaller the guest list, the less money you will have to spend on your wedding. Include immediate family of the bride and groom; their closest friends; then extended family and friends as the basic guest list. Then only invite people who matter to both of your & your families, don’t invite more guests that holds no relevance to any one in the family adding up unnecessary costs to incur.

5. Off-season wedding
There are several advantages to planning a wedding event during off-peak months rather than couples choosing a wedding date during the high demand period out of tradition. One reason to consider getting married in the off-season, is that you’re more likely to be able to get what you want for your wedding. With more likely chances to find your locations and vendors available, reduce in venue prices, affordable travel & lodging for outstation guests and a better comfortable environment.

6. Cuisine costs
Food can be the biggest expense at a wedding. There are plenty of ways to save money on food and drink at your wedding, without sacrificing style or having guests leave with an empty stomach. Using a caterer should be based on your budget, the guest list, and what additional services they offer. Your primary considerations should include how many courses and options you’d like to offer your guests, as well as the style of the meal.

7. Something Borrowed or Renting the wedding attire/ jewellery
Renting a wedding lehenga/attire and jewellery is a new trend among the modern brides, who would rather spend that money elsewhere or for some other purpose. This cutting down costs on a splurge meant for a day which never would see another day of light, especially for those who are not a huge fan of jewelry and fancy clothing. Most brides are going for the something “borrowed” by redoing their mother’s, aunt’s, sister’s or mother-in-law’s bridal gown.

8. Find a reasonable Photographer
Don’t choose a photographer by price alone. It’s very expensive to hire a renowned professional photographer to shoot your wedding photos and videos. Instead, look up small-time photographers and freelancers who can give you a much lower rate. Their services are more affordable, and they bring fresh ideas to the table.

9. Early Bookings
It is no surprise that booking a wedding venue is one of the most important parts of a wedding. Book the venue of choice way in advance to benefit the service without the high cost involved
when booked during the peak season. Bookings of venue on any weekday other than the weekends also makes a difference in being cost effective.

10. E-invites or videos rather than wedding cards
Save more on costs involved in designing, printing & posting wedding invitations by simply sending creative e-invites or videos to guests who can have access to it. For those guests not tech-savvy enough, consider printing only a small number of cards for the same.

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