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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Wedding Destination

A more and more popular choice, Destination Weddings inherit the best traits from both travel and wedding. Being in exquisite locations, letting couples spend their happiest days with beloved families and friends while they have a fresh start on their journey together. Most of the typical hometown event and wedding planning don’t apply when it comes to destination wedding planning. As exciting as it is, it bring a whole set of challenges that would not be faced with a traditional hometown wedding. A real challenge but if you have the best tips, tricks, solutions and the best of Mumbai wedding planners, it always worth the extra effort when it comes to destination weddings.

With many different challenges that will be encountered, the rewards in planning a destination wedding will be high. From confirming on location to book destination venues according to availability. As well as all other logistics, such as finding the right photographers for wedding to ensuring all aspects in the destination wedding checklist. While it may introduce some unique set of challenges which are needed to solve out. It’ll always be an occasion that will always always stay embedded as the time of the life for the couple and all those involved. Wow Venue to further ease the nerves and issues, have few solutions and suggestions to solve the biggest problems with destination weddings. 

1. Research Local legal Marriage Requirements
Cultural diversity varies in different regions of different parts of the world. It is important to be aware of the legal paper works required to be officially married in the place where the wedding is to be held at. Make sure you do your research. Some countries require your “residence” for some time before you’re allowed to marry, some require a waiting period once your first application is provided to their government offices. Your local venue coordinator or wedding planner will likely be able to navigate this process on your behalf, but be sure to work with them on this from the get-go, as it may require more travel than you’ve planned on.


2. Not being able to see the venue in person
This probably would be one of the biggest challenge of planning everything from a distance. It would just be more tough and expensive to frequent the place for every aspect of the wedding details. Planning everything without being able to see for would just be hard. One would have too just rely of pictures and recommendations to decide on the wedding without the luxury of being physically located in the same place as all of the vendors. Research, make calls, send emails and arrange for video calls sessions to know the vendors. Also read up on reviews, make a local connect or have the faith and trust in the wedding planner to look into everything.


3. Find full-service vendors
Its best to consider and find full-service vendors as a package deal to ensure a smooth and stress free service during the happy occasion. With different vendors to look into, it would just add up to the stress of following up with each one of them. Again research on vendor’s portfolios and check references to be comfortable with the vendors. If required, make at least one planning trip to meet with potential vendors to be satisfied with the services.Also the wedding planner can meet with potential vendors on your behalf and brief you on the options as well.

4. Currency and Exchange Rates
Leaving your country to be wed elsewhere means spending a lot of money. Since the budget is the backbone of the planning process which needs to kept in mind of all the expenses involved. Keeping the conversion rate in mind from the get-go is crucial. It always a good idea to consider building your budget in the foreign currency from the very beginning. That way, when the final quotes and payment information is made. There is a tab of what is being spent on from day one at the destination.

5. The Time Difference
Another crucial aspect to consider is the time difference that comes into play as the wedding date gets closer. Getting everyone on board on time to make it to the destination for the big day is an important decision that needs to be finalized accordingly. Always double check a few days earlier to make sure your understanding of the time difference is accurate. Also keep in mind of the time for the best weather in popular vacation destinations. If you choose the shoulder season (right after high season), you may be able to save yourself and your guests some money and still enjoy great weather.

6. Communication and Language Barriers
Often at a new place with a new language, certain communications could get lost in translation. While English as a language is spoken at most places, it is not necessarily a language well spoken by many locals of different regions. Keep a lookout for vendors abroad or a wedding planner that a likely to speak both English and the country’s native language that could help out in times when required for.

7. Cultural Expectations
Be aware of the destination’s local ways of living and cultural so as to not the offend the locals in any ways which otherwise would be normal in your country. Research and keep note of gestures, formalities such as tipping as a way of showing appreciation which may be different according to the region. This is where an abroad wedding planner can come in very handy, as she or he will be poised to let you know what vendors expect.

8. Weather changes
This is one of the many reasons that can make or break the occasion being celebrated. While couples wish the rain to not make it to their special day. Certain destinations could be a reason to delay the ceremony due to excessive heat, uncomfortable wind as well as the rain. Keeping a tab or a follow up on the weather conditions is always a wise decision. So as to decide if any other backups are required.

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