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Outdoor Venue Ideas for this Summer Wedding.

More and more couples are choosing to get married in the great outdoors or luxurious wedding outdoor venues while shunning traditional indoor wedding ceremonies. An outdoor wedding ceremony and reception captures something special that an indoor wedding never can. There are so many types of outdoor wedding venues to choose from, and the location you choose will help define your event’s style, so it’s important to take your time when making this big decision on outdoor venues for wedding reception.

When looking for outdoor venues for weddings in Mumbai could be a stressful planning process to look for a space that matches your dream destination to get hitched in the outdoors or hoping for outdoor venues for weddings near me. Whether your wish for your marriage takes place in a field, backyard garden, on a mountain top or on a beach, there are few hotels & resorts that offer great options for outdoor venues for wedding and reception. However, one needs to narrow down the type of outdoor weddings he or she is looking for. Listed are the 8 types of outdoor venues one can consider for their wedding day.

1. Beach
For many couples a beach is the perfect place to exchange their wedding vows with soft warm sand underfoot and a gorgeous view of the ocean. Unless you are lucky enough to live near a coast line most beach weddings are a flight or drive away. Stunning beach front resorts all over the world have perfected the destination wedding package, and are ready to attend to all your wedding day needs. Packaged beach weddings are probably the easiest to arrange. Beach weddings are relatively laid-back and relaxed. Just ensure that the venue you select has a backup indoor option in case of changing weather.


2. City park or Garden
 Large cities usually allow couples to rent park space or garden to get married or host events. A public botanical garden making a great setting for an outdoor wedding. Parks have lots of space to accommodate your guests and plenty of room for the children to run around. Offering scenic views or landscape,natural and beautiful perfect for pictures. Also, save money on decor as well.


3. Ranch, Barn or farm
 A farm, barn or ranch located on the outskirts of the city also makes for a great choice for outdoor  wedding venues too consider. A refurbished barn makes a great setting for a casual wedding among close guests of family & friends. Relatively simple to plan and carry out, farm style weddings can be elegant & memorable with plenty of open spaces available.

4. Lakeside or pool
So what if there isn’t a beach around where you are. A lakeside spot makes an equally enchanting  outdoor wedding & reception venue holding its idyllic & dreamy charm. Then there are urban new chic resorts and hotels offering the best of scenic pool views by the sea or rooftop scenes. Both making an exceptional choice for outdoor wedding scenes.

5. A Boat
 One of a kind, there’s nothing more romantic, more memorable or more private than a weddingout at sea on a gorgeous yacht for an outdoor wedding taken to the next level. A nautical-inspired wedding on a boat provides guests with a unique experience and the opportunity to view beautiful scenery from the deck.


6. Vineyard
Vineyards and wineriesis a perfect outdoor wedding venue choice, having become extremely popular for good reason, they provide picturesque settings & ambiance. Perfect to enjoy the occasion with fabulous pictures. A vineyard spells everything romantic with its natural beauty & wines.


Backyard weddings are getting more and more popular because they are informal, simple,cozy, relaxing, and better yet, won’t require a big budget.Intimate and personal, the best part of having backyard wedding is that you can personalize it without any restrictions. Your own backyard can provide a feeling of comfort and warmth during this most important moment of your life.


8. Historic property or ruins
Getting hitched at historical buildings, ruined or not, make a great outdoor wedding venue. Holding a certain significance to be a part of history boasting of special characteristics with rich history to hold on to for the special day. Research landmarks in your area to see if they can accommodate a large party. If they aren’t accustomed to hosting weddings, they might have a lower rental rate than other venues.

Although the options for outdoor weddings seem endless, there really are only a few broad categories, each with their own sets of benefits and challenges. Whether you get married in a botanical garden or choose to say “I do” by the beach, your wedding will be one you and your guests will remember forever.

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