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Super cool wedding decor ideas which are also budget-friendly!

Not every bride has the budget to throw a fairytale wedding, but she definitely wants the marriage of her dreams. For a budget wedding, you’d probably want to spend less on Indian wedding decoration that may be otherwise a burden. With several days of functions that follow to the big day, from flowers, reception, mandap decorations & more. Look out to go easy on the décor given the cash restrictions with affordable wedding decor options that can cut down on a significant amount of costs by opting for budget wedding decor ideas.

Indian wedding ceremonies are immensely exorbitant, after all, there’s a reason behind the phrase “Big Fat Indian” wedding. However there are several cool wedding decorations ideas to make it as grand as possible without spending much. Listed are few steps to be taken to not go overboard by spending on the wedding décor, but still making it as sassy as possible.

1. Theme wedding decorations
 Themes always make things easier to know exactly what elements are required to complete the look and aura of any occasion. Hence wedding decoration themes is the trend to set the mood for the occasion. Contrary to popular belief, theme weddings are not as expensive as it is generally believed to be. It all completely depends on your theme. If you pick a minimalistic theme, it’s elegant and at the same time, easy on your pocket.

2. Seasonal Flowers
Think about what season it is and what flowers will be available during that time in abundance to incorporate as decorations for the occasion. It’s impossible to do without them on most special days for they enhance the éclat of any venue greatly. Imported flowers may add the element of exoticism, yet it would be expensive. However, with seasonal or locally available flowers to adorn the wedding ceremony, savings would be big.

3. Homemade wedding decoration
Use DIY (Do-it yourself) craft projects such as using old wine bottles as candle stands or flower vases as homemade wedding decoration ideas for the reception. Hang flowers on string or some bangles and make it fun. Stack all coloured bangles and stick them up into temporary bangle tumblers without a bottom and add a tealight inside. Use creative ideas as such to recycle items to create your own decorations for the special day than spending unnecessarily.

4. Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are the best way to brighten up your whole wedding décor. They are simply a budget friendly option to add an elegant and fancy feel to your wedding. No matter how simple or grand your wedding is, fairy lights definitely adds that extra oomph to all wedding decorations. Hang them in cascading string lights on walls or backgrounds, create a canopy tent across the room or as a makeshift ceiling of glowing lights. They are perfect to create a dreamy magical ambiance for the occasion.

5. Genda phool balls
 Be it a day wedding or a night one, genda phool (marigold flower) is one flower that is an integral part of almost every Indian wedding. This easily-available and vibrant flower sets the celebration mood right and gets everyone happy high. Simple yet elegant, the genda phool creates a desi look It will not only beautify the space, but will also set the party mood. Opt for long strings of sturdy gendha phool with the ends rolled up into balls to create a sweet organised look.

6. Orgami Cranes
 All you need is paper. Pick up some colourful paper from your local stationary and start trying out some cool origami decor. You can easily learn various kinds on the internet! Get some help from friends and family if you don’t want to do it yourself. Or just pay someone to make them for you.

7. Kites
Kites are such an easy DIY to do, so create a kite-themed wedding using kites of different sizes and colours. They add charm and a rustic look which are cute and colourful. Adding just the right lovely of fun and whimsy to your wedding day. Decorate the beams and pillars with these lovely diamond-shaped paper accessories and watch the venue come alive. Let them hang from strings in open lawns while you enjoy the haldi or mehendi ceremony.

8. Colorful Tassles
Colourful tassels make for great decor – hang them up in strategic places and watch them tie up all your decor beautifully. Use an assortment of colorful tassels to add a bright pop of color to your wedding decorations. Tassels, whether store-bought or DIY’ed, aren’t just for your living room curtains or pillows. These decorative embellishments can add a festive flourish to your wedding celebration. Best of all, they can be customized in any color to match your wedding palette and overall aesthetic.

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