Venue spotlight- The Good Wife

An interesting name for a restaurant, maybe setting expectations for customers that they will be well taken care of as The Good Wife. This gastro pub lounge is Located at the heart of BKC, on the ground floor of The Capital building among the many restaurants in BKC or lounges in BKC. The Good Wife is the ultimate destination for corporate entertainment after a long day at work, where most married men would like to go home to a good wife. Married or not, it promises to pamper you with ‘good food, good spirits and good vibes’. The Good Wife is the perfect place to catch up with your colleagues over a few drinks, hold informal meetings with your important clients, or just unwind yourself at the bar. Other than that it also makes it as one of the best restaurants for a date night. When considering
restaurants for a date with someone special, an old friend or a rendezvous with anyone new or old with an enthusiastic vibes of plush coziness, excellent taste, energetic crowd and infectious music.

Home away from home, The Good Wife provides all the comforts and luxuries of home and much more.

Tastefully luxuriant but with a homely ambiance. From the moment you step through the door, a great relaxing atmosphere set by the friendly staff, music and distinctive décor will captivate you with a promise of more. Plush furniture-meets-pop art interiors and ample room for dancing.
Conceptualised and created by the Tham Brothers – Ryan and Keenan Tham, the owner hosts of Trilogy Nightclub, aim to fill a void in the corporate entertainment scene of Mumbai suburbs. The gastropub is a perfect mix of opulent interiors, exquisitely delicious food and exotically tasty drinks leading to infinite memories and experiences – ones that you’ll cherish forever. The place to be among many restaurants for anniversary celebrations. Whose passionate chefs cook up scrumptious meals with their vibrant palette and expertise, bringing a sensational platter of dishes that leaves for more cravings.

From among several date restaurants, The good wife has a bar offering a wide selection of fine whiskies, spirits, wine and beers to please all tastes. Their talented bartenders serving drinks to satisfy every request, from carefully crafted house cocktails to classical concoctions, from draft international lagers to locally micro-brewed beers. Cocktails at The Good Wife are a feast for all senses, treated with such delicacy of hand and the most sophisticated ingredients. The list curated by Dimitri Lezinska from Discovery Channel’s series Cocktail Kings.

The Good Wife is an ideal stress-buster after a hard day of work. Ideal for those who spend long hours working out of the swish district, and also for those who don’t. With warm wood paneling, chandeliers and a wall of drawers dedicated to women with names like Agnes, it has a comfortable, buzzy vibe that makes you feel like it has been around for a while. A cosy feeling of merriment, with a contagiously upbeat vibe, playing pop music that helps unwind and enjoy the evening, the vibes are what attract the crowds all night long.

The Good Wife unlike the rest of the place located in BKC, is meant to be a fine dine location. The calm ambiance, soft interiors and the spacious seating options all hint towards the central theme of the restaurant, “the good wife”. The menu is an eclectic mix of Italian and continental. The amazing presentation full of colors and food that tastes as great exceeds all the expectations and is definitely one of the best restaurants in the city.

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