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Venue Ideas to celebrate your kid’s birthday.

You know you’re old when you know that most of your early year birthdays were spent just with family & friends as dinners or parties at home, including the cutting of cake. Maybe a lunch or dinner treat at a fancy restaurant & exchanges of sweets with school mates & friends. This day & era that is a passé, for kids of this generation has theme birthdays for which various venues for kids birthday parties exist this day & age. While we may have a lot of options to choose from as grown ups for our social requirements, venues for baby birthday party or birthday party venue for kids is also available to give the best of Birthdays for kids to celebrate at.

Choosing a venue for your kids birthday party venue in Mumbai that your child and the other kids talk about for years to come is a challenge. However there are several kids birthday party venues to consider which are colourful, musical and of course, fun filled, especially the top birthday party venue that your kid & their friends may enjoy. Listed are some of the best venue options to throw a great birthday party for your kids.

1. Movie theater
Rent out the entire theater for screenings of children movies or when a certain movie releases for the birthday celebration day, or few hours while your child and his friends & classmates enjoy the occasion of the screening. Follow it by snacks served during or after the screening. Snacks served could be a follow up of the movie screened as a theme. If not hiring a movie theater, screen a movie in the backyard, under the starlit sky night or home with a comfortable ambiance including blankets & treats to turn your space into a magical celebratory evening.

Kids birthday at theater

2. Pool Party
Perfect during the summers for all the children to enjoy a refreshing birthday party to enjoy. There’s nothing more fun than water play on a hot day to help you beat the heat and enhance your cool party parent factor. Hire a pool or makeshift your backyard with a portable swimming pool into an awesome theme party for one of a kind birthday celebrations.


3. Bowling Party
To get the good times rolling, host a birthday party at the Bowling alley. An appropriate option for children of most ages with most bowling alleys having the options for birthday party package deals to select from. Incorporate various theme games, decorations & refreshments to the birthday cake in-sync with the theme. Parents can also play so that takes care of adults having fun and supervising as well.

Bowling Party for Kids

4. Restaurant party
With different themes to fit every interest, you are sure to find just the right one to make birthdays memorable. Whatever type of birthday your child is wishing for can likely find a popular restaurant chain for the celebration. With most children flavouring the pizza & pasta joint restaurants to dessert parlors. However, introduce interesting cuisine or appetizers such as sushi, cereals, pancakes, waffles, soups, salads, sandwiches & other small bites with plenty of options in milkshakes and desserts.


5. Parks, gardens or the great outdoors
   Outdoor Birthday parities for children always promises good times with a lot of fun in the midst of fresh air & natural surroundings. Organize various games such as sack race, limbo, three legged race, balloon stomp, egg & spoon race, treasure hunt or even a football match. Include explore walks. Planting of plants, a photo booth and other art & craft projects followed by plenty to eat options. Visit theme parks with several ride option to enjoy for the day as well or organize a picnic at a venue just apt for the occasion.

 6. Zoo or Aquarium
Visit the zoo or aquarium for the children in love with animals to spend their special birthday with their loved wild animals. Feeding, learning & playing with them or just seeing them in their natural form. Let them have a wild time with zoo or aquarium-themed party props, cake, food, games and goody bags for the day.


7. Ice- cream parlour
Hire or visit an ice cream parlour for the birthday party occasion, learning & making treats of various flavoured ice-creams & toppings to go with. If not possible to hire a parlour, the next best place with be at home keeping an ice-cream themed party for the same. Include interesting cake and ice cream flavours to go with. Not to forget the chocolate, sprinkles & cone options for the ice-cream to be eaten with. Have a photo booth relating to an ice-cream theme along with various games to play along while enjoying the ice-cream.


8.Gaming & entertainment centers & zones
 Create lasting birthday memories for the child by arranging a birthday party at one of the gaming & entertainment centers filled with unique, colorful and entertaining options to go with. Enjoy feature exciting play structures & adventure zones designed for kids to explore, climb, jump, crawl and combat obstacles. These centers often offer birthday packages inclusive of decorations, food & beverages to host a complete package for the special day.

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