7 adorable ways to include your pet in your wedding

Your pet has been there for you & your family through thick & thin, including your partner who adores them. Including him or her in your wedding festivities is probably the best option to go with than leaving them behind. For the pet lovers getting hitched, having a pet themed wedding or a wedding ceremony with pets would be an adorable wedding to attend. There has been a rise of animals becoming a popular addition to weddings, especially a dog in wedding ceremony as ring bearers, flower pets and others. There also have been dog themed wedding ideas that have seen joyful moments captured of the celebratory occasion.

Your wedding day is a chance to be surrounded by loved ones, so there should be no second thoughts of letting your beloved furry friend be a part of the celebration. During the ceremony, have wedding vows including pets, take plenty of adorable pictures or let them roam around throughout the day. Listed are 7 adorable ways to include your pet in your wedding festivities.
1. Including them on the invitation
Wedding invitations for guests to save the date of the wedding or other functions that follow by can feature your pet, incorporated with your pictures or in the form of unique art & design. Personalize your invites with happy images of your pet indicating the wedding date in a creative form of design. This is a lovely way to involve your pet in the proceedings. Also have your pet name along with the family members name to let all your guests know how he or she is indeed an import member of the family. Your guests will sure be thrilled by the cute personal invitation looking forward to the day.

2. Involve them in your pre-wedding shoot
Snapshots of you your partner and your pet for a pre-wedding shoot can be an interesting agenda to go through. Capturing adorable pictures of your cute pet in costumes, props or just their lovable face. Add interesting twist, props or poses to ensure a good time while being photo-shot at. While most couples make use of some unusual props to make pre-wedding shoot more interesting, you will have your lovely pet to add more charm to it.

3. Include them in the vows
Wedding vows for pet lovers could add anecdotes of how their pets got them closer or what they look forward to once hitched and how to look forward a life with their pets. Life lessons readings about your pet or simply training them to hand your vow in a form of a scroll. Get as creative as you can to include your pet in the wedding vows literally or metaphorically to leave your guests & your partner in reactions of aww-dorable gestures.

4. Get them the right pet costume for the wedding
With Indian weddings including a lot rituals, functions & ceremonies. Dress get your pet the right costumes for the occasion to blend in their cute outfits or props to go with. While you buy saari’s, shervanis, suits and lehengasfor yourself and everybody around for the occassion, Don’t forget to get adorable costumes for your pet to stand out for the celebrations too. There are various pet shops an online sites they comes up with interesting costumes like sherwanis, tuxedo, tutus, scarves, props & more to jazz up your pets for any occasion.

5. Make Your Pet a part of your wedding pictures

 With your pet included in all functions and celebrations in their adorable attires, to not take pictures would be a waste of all that cuteness that your pet brings to the special occasion. Keep the wedding photographer aware that your pet will be attending the wedding so that you do not miss out on the opportunity of some great pictures and videos with your pet best friend. Including them in nice family photographs shot during the entire wedding celebrations, as well as some quirky and fun moments throughout the celebrations.

6. Carry Your Pet
While most brides have flowers for a bouquet to usually carry for their special day. Replacing the flowers with your furry pet dog is a statement of your love for your pet on the next level. Letting them be by your side throughout the celebrations & reception while you carry or keeping them by a leash on your side is a beautiful gesture which most guests would love too witness.

7. Include them in you guest book design
Have an interesting picture or artwork of your pet on the cover design of your guest book to showcase adorable moments of your pet in a creative way to intrigue the guests to pen down few words of advice & wishes for special day. If having a theme design or wedding based on your pets, this would complete all stationery

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