Top 15 wedding color schemes for 2018

Indian weddings has always been bright, colorful in a myriad of colors. However, with changing trends & times, more couples are looking into gorgeous wedding colors & wedding colour trends to set apart their special day. Keeping in mind the theme, wedding color combinations play a major factor in deciding wedding color palettes to set the right vibe and mood for the occasion. Every year there are new trends being followed in terms of decorations, dress and more. Colors schemes are no exception.
To keep things unique, chic and subtle. Wedding Color Schemes 2018 would see interesting shades of pantones that can dominate Indian weddings. A gorgeous color palette appealing to the eye. From subtle shades of gold, dark shades of purple and blue, bright shades of orange and pink or deep shades like red each rendition bringing its own charm. Spring Wedding Colors 2018 is going to see one thing in common which would be an Ombre palette. Listed are 15 wedding color scheme ideas for 2018 that one can consider & incorporate in their wedding color themes.

1. Mint Green, pink, silver or gold
The gorgeous green tone- mint green is a fantastic hue that looks incredible on many skin tones. Paired in Silver or gold details of lace or sequins make for an elegant mystical vibe. Adding a shade of bright pastel pink in minimalism or minute details can create an interesting look to the color scheme.  

2. Navy and Dusty Rose
The idea of mixing dark colors with metallic or pastel dusty rose is a combination which is rich, elegant and royal to look at. A romantic combination of the gender colors that exudes a perfect combination of the union of the couple.

3. Gray, Burgundy, peach & Rose
Burgundy and peach tones add an elegant femininity, while metallic gray sharpens the overall look without taking away from the pops of warm colors. Rich, romantic mauve rose is a vintage jewel tone with enough punch for an inviting summer wedding. This combination provides the dazzling richness for the occasion.

4. Lime, Sugar, Peach, Latte
 Bright and cheery, lime adds a flash of energy for summer and reminiscing of beachy palm trees.
 The bright pops of green are balanced by more subdued sweet peach and neutral tones, making it a
 sophisticated and fun palette. While lush and fresh for a casual outdoor wedding, this organic  
 combo can bring the outdoors into any venue space.

5. Custom Blue, Scarlet, Carnation
 Bright royal blue is a classic color that’s been in and out of the wedding color scene for years. It’s    
 back combined with sassy red and pink accents to create a boho-esque palette that is bright,  
 approachable and appealing. This harmonious combo is just perfect for a bohemian wedding vibe.

6. Purple and Lime
 A wonderful color combination for the bold groom and bride who enjoy these colors. Mix different shades of the colors to blend in a beautiful combination look for the occasion.

7. Blush pink and Gold
 Pink or blush pink & gold are tending for brides who like romantic glamour. The pink adds a pretty
 & soft factor, while the gold adds the touch of elegance and class.

8. Marsala
 Marsala is an interesting hue, different from the typical pastels and softer tones. Its particularly apt
 for most skin tones, offering an abundance of options for the Indian brides. Popular since 2017, this
 trend will continue throughout 2018 due to its warm and rich color.

9. Rose Quartz and serenity
 Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer
 embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a                  
 soothing sense of order and peace. Its also another Pantone “it” color of the year 2016.

10. Blush and Mint
  Blush is the trending color choice for most brides and mint is the fresh new color trend for
   weddings. Combine or pair the two together for fresh modern wedding themes.

11. Yellow and Gray
  Pretty pastel yellow and gray which are subtle shades, modern and chic which has also been trending for sometime now and will continue to do so for spring & summer weddings in 2018.

12. Peony and Nickel
  The Nickel gray balances out the peony pink hue adding a contrast combination of flirty hues
  which is not too feminine.

13. Gold and Mauve
Mauve is trending color big time. Pairing it with other neutrals or gold, cream adds for an ultra chic wedding-day color palette. 




14. Plum, Violet, Orchid, Custom Lavender
  The shade of purple is not only beautiful but has a deeper meaning as well. This colour is often associated with the mystical and spiritual world. It celebrates the deep and pure emotions in a rather unique way. Purples of every shade are hot and are definitely here to stick around for a long time. Plum purple, violet and soft lavenders intertwine in the most romantic way to create this vivacious palette that’s full of dazzling depth and richness.

15. Gold, burgundy and Navy
  If attracted to rich, dynamic and bold colors, consider a burgundy, navy and gold palette that               
  oozes luxury. This color combination makes for a beautiful and striking contrast.

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