Unique Invitation Card ideas for your Wedding

Wedding Invitations are the first glimpse towards the special days to celebrate the couples union by the guests. Its one of the first decisions you will make in your wedding planning process in deciding on the theme of the wedding and your wedding invitation designs templates will give guests a glimpse into that theme. Indian wedding invitation are nothing short of spectacular, its unique wedding invitation often a reason for guests to look forward to the celebrations.

Listed are few designs & types of wedding invitation in 2018 that we all will witness or receive one.

Wedding cards in 2018 would see a lot of creativity and some definite trends emerged on the wedding invitations scene. Take a Que from the top wedding invitation trends to stay updated and have your own interesting invitations too send out for your guests.

1. Envelope Liners
An instant beautiful surprise your guests will never expect. This inner layer is the first thing guests will see when they excitedly tear open your invite. Liners are a great finishing touch and the perfect place to add fun design elements, like a personal detail, like your wedding date or an image of the couple. Pair with a colored envelope for really eye-catching mail. Envelope liners have become an on going trend creating the perfect finishing touch, allowing you to truly be creative with fun design Elements.


2. Bold & Bright Color
More and more people are now beginning to understand the power of color and use pastels rather than bright reds and pinks. Watercolor effects and traditional Indian features integrated with modern colors are becoming very popular too.


3. Quirky, fun & different
Combining the quirky with the elegant will be all of 2018 trends. Custom illustrations, motifs or monograms, creative color palettes, paper alternatives, or even funny wordings will be a few ways in which couple will be looking to include an element of fun in the invites. The idea is to give the guests a peek into how much fun they’re about to have at their one-of-a-kind celebration.This is especially the case when the couple’s wedding will be exploring youthful themes instead of traditional ones.

4. Laser cut and metallic foil
Laser-cut designs are an elegant way to dress up the invitations and make a statement. Be it lace, paisleys, snowflakes or net patterns. Using a laser-cut design for wedding invitations is very trendy right now. Adding a touch of gold, silver or even rose gold is the easiest way to bring glam to any invitation even or maybe especially when the overall design concept is minimalist. From borders and lettering to monograms and designs, there’s no limit to the way in which you can add sparkle to your cards. Metallic foil, metal plating, and laser-cut are here to stay.

5. Calligraphy
Focusing on fabulous fonts is all that is in 2018. Nothing shows off Calligraphy better than minimalist designs, which focus more attention on the letters and words, rather than distracting images or colors. Its been a huge trend since 2017. Expect to see a mix of Devnagri and English fonts in the body of the invitation. Carving out in beautiful typography, calligraphy in Devnagari is spectacular to look at. A gorgeous way to invite someone to a Hindu ceremony. Pretty penmanship, ornate calligraphy and fanciful flourishes are aplenty. Calligraphers are creating new, modern fonts with hands-lettered.


6. Monograms
Monograms are a wonderful way of adding a personal touch, while keeping your invitations simplistic and classy. Inexpensive monogram wedding invitations are a favorite among many engaged couples. Monogram Wedding Invitations offer the ultimate in style, sophistication, and elegance. A sophisticated monogram and vintage script font create a statement on these glamorous wedding invitations. Custom monograms—not the letter-locking designs of the past—are taking on a whole new look, with elements that are meaningful and representative of the to-be-weds. 

7. Botanical Invitations
Couples are increasingly taking a more elegant, classic feel for their invitations with the exotic botanical prints. Leaves and tropical motifs are right on trend however the colours have now changed! More colours have been added on the palette instead of green such as Pinks, Oranges, Yellows, Purples and many more. Also, using a light colour palette. Playing with Grey, Blush Pinks, Creams.

8. Watercolor
The soft and elegant look of watercolors can be quite romantic, making it an ideal look for a wedding invitation and one of the styles of wedding invitations 2018 couples will love. Artistic, graceful and elegant, watercolour invitation designs are a great way to introduce a color scheme without resorting to a floral border or motif. 

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