Wedding ideas to make your special day memorable.

While classic, timeless touches will never go out of style, up and coming trends are definitely worth considering, when it comes to wedding trends for every occasion if planning a wedding in 2018. Every year, new ideas and details are created by talented wedding planners or individuals, floral designers and wedding vendors of every type. From wedding outfits, wedding color ideas to hottest winter wedding ideas, the trends just gets bigger and badder than ever before. Some are totally over the top and others are just perfect for adding a personal touch to your celebration. Top searches of wedding outfits for women mostly result in latest wedding gowns and lehengas designs or wedding party dresses for the guests attending the occasion. Summer wedding dresses being a popular choice for most of the female attendees during the event. As for wedding outfits for men, latest designs of suits or sherwanis in varying hues seems to be in trend.

Here’s a look at the new 10 wedding ideas 2018 wedding trends, and the details to bring them to life, for your upcoming wedding.

1. Unique Invitations
 Get your guests excited to celebrate from the very beginning. Capture your guest’s attention with bold invitations. Bespoke illustrations and bold envelopes, from paper to latex, cloth and even stone, unique invites is a trend to look out for.


2. Transparent tents
Clear Top Tents covered with see-through tarpaulin, perfect for a wedding ceremony & reception on a sunny day is the trend to be in 2018. Giving a very clean and minimal sort of feel- whether it’s a day or a night wedding. Translucent tents and drapes- whether plastic or cloth are gonna be big- giving the illusion of bigger spaces


3. Going Au naturelle/ green
Rustic themed weddings seem to be in high demand lately. With it’s intimate feel from the woodsy decor, like mason jars and a barn venue. Décor trends are going au naturelle. Greenery has also been making an increased appearance into the wedding scene with more hanging vines and plants, which gives the perfect forest effect. Bouquets are getting bigger too and some old-school styles, are making a serious comeback. 

4. Creative Dance floors
Entertainment at Indian weddings is going to amp up in 2018 with catchy marble or hard wood dance floors, especially the ones that match the themes of entire decor. Marble dance floors, those with something written or even printed ones going with the theme of the wedding are gonna be big in 2018. A top shot of the bride and groom dancing on a pretty dance floor is gonna be THE wedding trend for next year.


5. Hues of blue
With the changing colour palettes for brides and unconventional settings, shades of blue will make  it big at the 2018 wedding fashion. Right from pale, icy hues to darker colors and rich navy and silks.From powder blue lehengas to silky indigo gowns, this calming colour will make a contrasting statement with diamond, gold or silver jewellery.

6. Metallics- 2018 wedding colours
Couples are bringing silver and chrome into the mix for 2018 wedding trends. Incorporating it into their wedding decor and bridesmaid dresses. These colours can also be added to anything from bouquets, linens, and even dessert toppers to add that extra sparkle to your wedding day.

7. Interactive Photo booths
 In 2018, the popularity of photo booths will continue to rise, with new features emerging regularly to boost the photo booth experience in new and exciting ways. Event guests will be looking for more immersive experiences, moving away from the basic photo booth prop-and-pose days and opting instead for animated GIFs and life-like digital backgrounds that transport them to new destinations.

8.Floral ceilings and botanical centerpieces
The use of ceiling space for decor elements, such as suspended floral arrangements, lights or even interesting items such as umbrellas will be popular in 2018. Pretty flowers cascading from the ceiling in the most dramatic and unexpected way is going to be the standout floral trend for 2018.


9. Food on wheels
Couples catering to the importance of food and presenting guests with new food experience in food trucks would be the menu for 2018 wedding trends. As interactive appetizer stations including a raw bar or roll your own sushi, using family recipes, farm-to-table dinners, and creative desserts.


10. Smaller intimate weddings
Couples opting for smaller, more intimate gatherings for their wedding ceremonies seems to be in trend of late. Smaller weddings resulting in opting out relatives they haven’t seen for years and catering only for close-knit family & friends weddings at destinations that bring loved ones closer.

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